Our Work


Take a look at the work produced by our committed team. Smart, modern design, compelling messaging and strategic marketing strategy combine to form dynamic campaigns that produce results.


When it was time to create a new website, Lincoln Property Company was seeking a digital vendor that could become more of a partner. LeaseLabs answered the call and teamed up with Lincoln Property Company to create a site with a friendly user experience to form an emotional connection with their audience. Lincoln’s core values inspired vibrant lifestyle imagery and messaging that invites prospects to see themselves as part of company culture. Although Lincoln wasn’t seeking out a complete corporate rebranding, the new look and feel established in the website has now carried over to other corporate communications pieces.


To ensure a mobile-first user experience, LeaseLabs used responsive design technology in the development of the Lincoln website. Lincoln’s target audience is able to search for an apartment using a dynamic Google map, gain more insight into the company and search for a new career path on any device.

Vintage Apartments


Creating a website is more than just fitting images and text together. To really engage an audience, you need to tell the brand’s story. LeaseLabs explored the best way to talk about The Vintage in an authentic way and showcased expansive lifestyle imagery within a long-scrolling framework to really draw prospects in.

Making an emotional connection

We design your website to reflect your branding and to create an emotional connection with prospects. Custom typography treatments add a hand-crafted appeal in a digital world and create a warm, personal feel for the property.

marketing for the next generation

Talking to millennials requires both a smart and unique approach to capture their attention. The Next interweaves a folding layout for a very modern edge while the video background grabs their attention from the get-go. Playful design creates energy and captures the appeal of living here. A live Instagram feed reveals images of actual residents, making the property more relevant. A well-planned SEO strategy ensures The Next is displayed at the top of search engine results.


When creating student housing sites, we are actually talking to two different audiences. First, we have to communicate to potential residents—the students—that this is a hip, desirable place to live. We talk in an authentic, casual tone that will appeal to millennials. Lifestyle imagery is very important—generic stock photos are an immediate turn off for this ad-savvy audience. Sites are designed to be mobile first because we know students are likely to be browsing housing options on their phones. Our secondary audience is the individuals often paying the bills—their parents. We make sure important details are very clear and easy to find.


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