To succeed in a cross-device, online and offline, always on world, marketers need to understand consumers at a molecular level. The mobile age of advertising is here and it’s here to stay.” Steven Ozbun, President | LeaseLabs

What is

GeoTargeter campaigns combine display advertisements with the power of geofencing technology, site retargeting, and search retargeting. Together, delivering a consumer-relevant message that nurtures prospects through the sales cycle.


Percentage of mobile users prefer locally relevant advertising. (Mobile Audience Insights Report from JiWire)


Percentage of those respondents reported they were more likely to take action after seeing a location-based message. (Mobile Audience Insights Report from JiWire)


Businesses have experienced 70% higher CTRs on geofencing campaigns than standard ads. (

Why it works

The next layer of brand reinforcement for apartment communities.

Target prospects within a physical location-based radius using the GPS in their smartphones.

One Bozzuto property received a 200% increase in website visitors from branded keywords within the first week of using LeaseLabs GeoTargeter. – LeaseLabs GeoTargeter Bozzuto Case Study

Coffee Shop Emma's Home New Apartment


Let’s follow Emma’s apartment search with GeoTargeter.

Meet Emma

Apartment renter in Austin, Texas. She’s in an apartment but wants to be closer to the city center.


Apartment community, Austin, Texas.

In order to attract nearby renters, they use GeoTargeter.

Donovan Apartments placed geofences around popular places their target market visits.

Coffee Shop
To catch up on work, Emma visits a coffee shop.
While waiting in line to order her drink, Emma opens her Huffington Post App.
While on the app, Emma is served a Donovan Apartments ad. she clicks on the ad and browses Donovan Apartments’ website.

It’s time to order, Emma leaves the website…

Coffee Shop Emma's Home
Emma leaves the coffee shop, goes home and begins online shopping on her mobile phone.
Emma notices an ad from Donovan Apartments and clicks on it.

Emma has been retargeted…

Retargeted users are
3X more likely to click on your ad than people who haven’t interacted with your business before.

Brand was top-of-mind so she requests more info and a tour.

Retargeting can boost ad response up to 400%.

Coffee Shop Emma's Home New Apartment
Excited to tour her potential new apartment, Emma visits the Donovan Apartments Leasing Office to begin.

Retargeted customers are 70% more likely to convert than new customers. (digital information world)

Donovan Apartments placed a conversion zone around the leasing office.

What are Conversion Zones?

Conversion zones are virtual boundaries placed around a business location. When users enter conversion zone boundaries after seeing or interacting with an ad, the user is recognized as an offline conversion.

Through conversion zone placement around the leasing office, Donovan Apartments attributes Emma’s offline visit as a conversion.
After the tour, Emma decides Donovan Apartments is her new home and signs a lease.

Mobile Ad Spend will top $160 billion worldwide by 2018, taking over 65% of the digital market. – eMarketer


50% of people said their retargeting budget will increase in the next 6 months. – Convince and Convert

Leverage this opportunity to reach prospects in new ways with GeoTargeter.
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