Content Marketing for Apartments

Exclusive, Local Content Made For Your Community

We craft custom, hyper-local content written by local content creators, geared toward your property. Our experienced SEO copywriters will custom-curate blogs highlighting local events, trending topics, and review local hotspots to drive traffic to your website and engage your target audience.

Enhance your SEO

Search engines love new, fresh content. With each new post, you’re creating more opportunities for your site to rank for search engine queries generated by prospective residents. Each post plugs in your SEO campaign keywords and includes valuable links for your ongoing SEO efforts.

Enhance Your SEO

Locally Targeted Content Just For You

Our network of local content writers write blog content about local neighborhood events, area hotspots, and anything happening in your neighborhood that’s of interest to both your current and prospective residents. Each blog post contains 250-750 words, apartment location keywords, valuable links for SEO enhancement, and an image relating to the topic.

Locally Targeted Content

Custom Theme To Match Your Branding

Choose from our selection of three custom blog layouts – each featuring unique designs and offering an optimized user-experience.

Custom Themes

Social Media Push

Each new blog post is pushed out to your property’s Facebook page and Twitter feeds to reach your followers and create additional brand visibility for your inbound marketing efforts.