GeoTargeter Apartment Advertising

Maximize Those Mobile Micromoments

The LeaseLabs GeoTargeter platform enhances top-of-funnel marketing efforts by delivering hundreds of thousands of mobile display ads in popular mobile apps and websites, retargets those users that clicked on your ads, and tracks physical leasing office visits with conversion zones.

Mobile Phone with News Website

Be Where Your Prospects Are

Your ads are pushed thousands of times a month within our network of 600,000 mobile apps and websites, giving you the ability to hyper-target your message to prospective residents.

Ad Network

Sampling of our ad network

Hyper-Target With Location-Based Marketing

LeaseLabs places up to 25 geo-target pins for your campaign – targeting competitor properties, local businesses and employers, and other popular locals with pinpoint precision.

Map with pins

Stay Top-Of-Mind With Retargeting

The platform also includes site and search retargeting to keep your property top-of-mind for a period of 30-60 days. Retargeting display ads are served to users who either clicked your GeoTargeter ads and visited the website, or have used specific search terms across the web.

iPad with Weather Website

Track Physical Leasing Office Visits With Conversion Zones

Digital conversion zones are drawn around your leasing office to identify the number of prospective residents who view or click your mobile display ads and then physically walk into your leasing office. Conversion Zones enable you to track physical leasing office foot traffic driven directly from a LeaseLabs Geotargeter campaign.