Wednesday January 25, 2017

    google cracks down on intrusive mobile pop-ups

    Google’s recent algorithm update designed to demote the rankings of sites that use intrusive pop-ups on mobile devices went live this month. The update is designed to ensure the user experience on mobile is preserved, and prevents sites from requiring a user to take action within a pop-up window before accessing a site’s content.

    While this isn’t a penalty, Google confirmed this will now be a part of their ranking signals for mobile devices, and is assessed on a page level, rather than a domain level. Meaning, Google will crawl each page and devalue accordingly. With over 60% of all searches now starting on a mobile device, the algorithm update has a significant impact for many in the multifamily space.

    mobile interstitials

    Google indicated a variety of mobile interstitials will negatively impact search engine results. Pop-ups that appear immediately when a user lands on a mobile device are impacted by the new algorithm update, as are on-scroll and delayed interstitials. In order to protect your site from being impacted by this algorithm update, our team put together recommendations and protections to keep apartment community sites from being negatively impacted on mobile search.

    Apartment communities using pop-ups to advertise move-in specials or temporary sales should consider pausing these displays on mobile devices. Instead, consider a mobile pop-up that may take up less screen real estate and appear at the bottom of a mobile display, similar to an in-app display ad. This will prevent interstitial pop-ups from interfering with the display of the content while allowing apartment communities to advertise their specials.

    exit intersitials

    Alternatively, Google confirmed exit interstitials will not be negatively impacted by the penalty. In this case, users can be reminded about temporary move-in specials when exiting, or once they take an action on the site, such as clicking to check availability or apply for a unit.

    entrance interstitials

    The only entrance interstitials not impacted by this algorithm update are pop-ups that advertise a site’s handling of cookies, or a legally required interstitial that may check a user’s age before allowing access to an alcohol beverage site.

    For those that may have questions about whether or not their site could be negatively impacted by a mobile pop-up, LeaseLabs has announced that their team of SEO experts is happy to evaluate a site’s search presence. 

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