power your brand with GoDirect marketing

LeaseLabs launched with the goal of centralizing our client’s marketing efforts while further maximizing ROI. We accomplish this goal through our unique GoDirect marketing approach: a single strategy equipped with the vital marketing products that power all of your marketing channels. The result? Your prospect’s journey in total sync with every marketing touch point – thoughtfully guiding them toward their path to lease.

What Is The Renters Journey?

When apartment renters begin their path to finding a new place to live, they go through a progression of research and decision making, ultimately culminating in signing a lease. The Renter’s Journey is a four phase model that our GoDirect Marketing philosophy was built off of, each phase representing unique touchpoints that your marketing creates with today’s renter.

Awareness Phase

Renters identified their budget and desired location(s) to live. They begin research on the web, most likely with a search on Google, to see their available options

Consideration Phase

Renters evaluate their research and the different apartment options that have been presented to them. They join email lists, submit contact forms, tour properties, and begin to narrow down their search.

Decision Phase

Renters become confident in their apartment decision and sign a lease. Confidence can be established by reading reviews, current resident testimonials, and being continuously marketed to by the apartment community, staying top-of-mind, throughout the Renters Journey.

Retention Phase

Retention begins the moment residents move in to a community. Creating consistent and unique resident touch-point can have a lasting and positive effect on their living experience.