The Search Marketer

Instantly Generate And Convert Qualified Traffic

The Search Marketer is more than just Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management, it immediately enhances your search engine presence and visibility through paid search, remarketing, Gmail advertising, and call tracking. We optimize your budget to build a strong brand presence across popular search networks such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo - and track campaign success with conversion-optimized landing pages.

Google Partner

Customized Multifamily Search Campaigns

Each campaign comes with a customized keywords list, text ads, Gmail ads, ad extensions, and call tracking. The LeaseLabs Dashboard and monthly report offer you the ultimate in transparency for understanding your property's paid search performance month-over-month. Designed and driven by industry experts, your campaigns are specially engineered to convert users into applicants.

Customized Campains

Conversion-Driven Landing Pages

By sending traffic to conversion-optimized landing pages, we control the message and the action of the searcher. Landing pages include copywriting to match the message of your paid search ads, a contact form, and a call tracking number.

Conversion Driven Landing Pages

Unleash the Power of Remarketing

Utilizing remarketing techniques, your custom, highly-targeted text ads are shown to past visitors of the community's website on search networks. These ads serve to re-engage past website visitors and entice them to either submit a contact form or call directly from the ad. Extend the lifeline of your apartment digital marketing campaigns and increase the efficiency of your marketing budget. 


Just A Phone Call Away

Call tracking presents an additional opportunity to create ROI and attribution from your paid search campaign. Calls 30 seconds or longer made from your search ad's Click-To-Call CTA are tracked and registered within the LeaseLabs Dashboard - allowing you to view Total Calls, Unique Callers, and Answered Calls. 

Just a Phone Call Away

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