Apartment Social Media Optimization

Build a Following. Drive Traffic.

Increase engagement, traffic, and leads with cohesive and targeted social media marketing campaigns. Our team of social media experts stay on top of trends in order to effectively execute a combination of paid and organic campaigns that increases engagement and socially-referred traffic.

Cohesive Messaging

Your customized, social content aligns with your branding and multifamily advertising standards. Posts use your property’s photography, high-quality stock imagery, and includes search engine-optimized copy to ensure maximum SEO traction from the campaign.

Custom-Designed Social Pages

Our Digital Marketing team will create a Facebook page for the community or update an existing page if one exists. Our designers will create a custom-branded shell based on the property logo or branding if available.

This shell is used for all posts managed by our team to provide a clean, brand-cohesive look that coincides with the property’s printed collateral and website.

Custom Designed Social Pages

Consistent Posting

With LeaseLabs Social Media Optimization, our team of digital marketing experts will post weekly to your property’s Facebook and Twitter pages with a combination of apartment or community-related posts, local interest posts, and general interest posts.

Our team ensures all content is relevant, timely, and engaging.

Consistent Posting

Targeted Paid Ads

20 percent of your monthly fee goes directly to Facebook and Instagram paid ad campaigns, resulting in increased brand exposure and website traffic from new, targeted audiences. Our fresh, original, branded posts will resonate with your audience and result in even higher engagement.