geotargeter: geofence & conversion zone setup

In order to fully optimize your GeoTargeter campaign, we need a few pieces of information.

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Search for the name of the location you want to GeoFence in the GeoFence form fields below. Your location’s address will appear in a list of suggestions. Select the address associated with the location you entered in the field.

Step 1: Preliminary Campaign Info

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Step 2: Provide the address of your Leasing Office

The following leasing office information will be used to determine how many users are walking into your leasing office. If your permanent leasing office has not been constructed yet, please provide the address and screenshot of your leasing trailer.

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Please tell us more about where your leasing office is located from an overhead (satellite) view.
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Your satellite view increases the accuracy of your conversion zone by allowing us to map only your leasing office. Please take a screenshot of Google Maps and circle the leasing office location. Please keep images under 80mb. Supported files: jpg, png, jpeg, gif, pdf

Example Satellite View (Existing Building)

Example Satellite View (New Build)
Google Maps may not always be updated to show the most recent construction. If your building is not visible in Google Maps, use your architectural files to estimate where the leasing office is located from a satellite view.

GeoFence Locations

Please select as many GeoFence locations as is recommended for your package size below. If you include extra GeoFence locations, the LeaseLabs team will select the most optimal GeoFences within your package size.

  • Essentials – 5,000 Geotargeting Impressions – 5 GeoFences
  • Plus – 12,500 Geotargeting Impressions – 10 GeoFences
  • Pro – 20,000 Geotargeting Impressions – 15 GeoFences
  • Premium – 40,000 Geotargeting Impressions – 20 GeoFences
  • Elite – 100,000 Geotargeting Impressions – 25 GeoFences

Step 3: Provide 4 Competitor GeoFence Locations

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Step 4: Provide 12 GeoFence Locations for the 4 D’s of Self-Storage

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Step 5: Provide 9 GeoFence Locations of Your Choice

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