IDEA1 San Diego


East Village, San Diego, CA


Branding, Website, Digital Marketing

IDEA1 was the first step to establish I.D.E.A. District’s vision of becoming San Diego’s design and technology innovation hub in East Village, Downtown San Diego’s vibrant urban neighborhood. This mixed use of luxury urban apartment homes, commercial space, and live/work lofts surrounds an outdoor workplace, coined The Hub.

IDEA1 approached LeaseLabs to develop a brand, signage, collateral, and website based off their established name and logo. Our team set out to create original concepts, collateral and signage to showcase the originality of the property. Our goal: use a bold orange as the core to the brand’s color palette, portray the property’s features through energizing designs that embraced its Art District roots, and play off the high-tech amenities, along with glass and industrial materials, as anchor points for imagery.

Life: Inspired. Be an integral part of the shape of things to come. Whether you live, work or innovate—or all the above—your vision will come to life here. IDEA1 is crafted with intention and authenticity, providing everything you need to thrive and then some. Celebrate artistic and cultural endeavors. Create meaningful dialogue. Carouse artisanal foods and craft drinks. And most importantly, make your dream a reality.

The “Life: Inspired” concept is a line dedicated to the movers and shakers, business entrepreneurs, and creatives that collaborate and create every day. We encompassed hidden messaging amongst the prominent “code” that carried through a majority of the print and digital collateral that includes buzzwords about IDEA1’s target demographic. Out of the box property promo items like sketch books and tote bags included creative inspired by local artists, a node to San Diego’s vibrant East Village.

Idea1 Gallery 1
Idea1 Gallery 2

IDEA1’s brochure took on clean and modern style that emulated a coffee table book. We included bold headlines with a box-style type, as well as supporting images that tie back to the property’s core messaging.

Idea1 Gallery 3

“Think Outside, No Box Required” ties back to the property’s communal space, The Hub, used by residents and locals alike for collaboration and events.

We created a multichannel, bimonthly magazine to feature spreads dedicated to local artists, creators, and restaurants, as well as tie back to promoting the IDEA1 brand. The goal of this piece was to create an ongoing, informative marketing touchpoint to current residents that creates a sense of community.

Idea1 Gallery 9
Idea1 Gallery 10

IDEA1’s magazine titled, “The District,” can be distributed and viewed on both digital and print mediums.

Idea1 Gallery 11

Overall, IDEA1’s concepted brand is understated, and makes their prospective residents think a little. Once you understand the brand, you get it, and it sticks.

iMac with IDEA 1 Website

Website Features

IDEA1’s website is built on a scrolling page architecture platform, creating a seamless scrolling experience and allowing their users to easily consume content as they navigate down the page.