Friday October 15, 2021

    10 ways that propertyphotos can add value to your apartment website

    A property that delivers appealing, beautiful experiences through relevant, purposeful, high-quality digital content not only looks more professional but also shows the property in its best form, increases website traffic, and generates qualified leads.  PropertyPhotos™ by RealPage® is the premier content management platform that accomplishes all of this—and more—by making your apartment website an active marketing tool. But that’s not all. There are 10 ways in which PropertyPhotos can add value to your property website.

    1. raises clickthrough rates (CTR)

    Websites using PropertyPhotos content solutions showed a 60% increase when compared to those that did not. This includes a comprehensive suite of community photography, floor plans, and online tours (both 3D Virtual and Matterport).

    2. lengthens average property website session times

    Average session times increased by more than 13% when property websites included high-quality PropertyPhotos digital assets that were a mix of informative, interactive, and response-driven elements. Increased engagement does the legwork to better qualify leads by allowing prospects to explore your community from the comfort of home.

    3. increases website conversions

    Personalizing digital content that is specific to prospective residents has been shown to directly affect website conversions. Utilizing a combination of automated keyword tagging based on industry-standard terms and personalized tagging to give you more control, PropertyPhotos Digital Asset Management enables better management of the high volume of content needed to execute a personalization strategy.

    4. safeguards your digital assets and reputation

    PropertyPhotos Digital HealthCheck works to protect your website’s digital assets from misuse by providing a detailed list of where and how your content is being used online. You can proactively remove fake listings and request takedowns from sites that are illegally using your digital content.

    5. mitigates risks in copyright non-compliance and security issues

    With more and more copyright lawsuits emerging in the real estate market and litigation ending in penalties totaling millions of dollars, your website must maintain compliance with intellectual property laws. PropertyPhotos offers a solution that will search your digital asset portfolio, flag any content that may pose a risk, and provide alternative access to safe digital content to use in its place.

    6. improves search engine optimization (SEO) to increase website traffic 

    The ability to regularly change your online content supports a healthy Google “freshness” score that can hoist your website to the top of search results. PropertyPhotos makes it easy to manage a large volume of digital content to support routine website refreshment. Each subscription includes a site visit, and top tiers include multiple audits throughout the year, so that PropertyPhotos produces content for your property website while regularly keeping it updated and performing at its best.

    7. reduces apartment marketing costs

    PropertyPhotos makes it easy to search for and find existing digital assets that can be repurposed, edited, and reused to avoid excessive marketing spend and to create new looks and features in your digital materials. If you still find that your website needs new content, PropertyPhotos offers competitively priced content solutions.

    8. centralizes secure storage

    PropertyPhotos enables you to store and host all your digital assets via one centralized, cloud-based storage solution, which greatly reduces the risk of losing valuable, branded digital content on local desktops due to employee turnover, accidental spills, or crashed hard drives. Using keywords and filters, PropertyPhotos makes it easier for multiple authorized users to access, upload, store and search all your digital content from a dedicated portal.

    9. provides access to professional digital content creators

    PropertyPhotos works with professional photographers, animators, copy editors, and videographers who have industry-specific experience and create top-shelf, high-quality content that will make your apartment website stand out from the competition.

    10. enables access to new, emerging technologies

    From 3D imagery to virtual tours to drone videos, PropertyPhotos offers the latest technologies to support your marketing needs, including virtual touring options that enable remote viewings of your community in safety, convenience, and comfort.

    Find out how to activate the marketing power of your community website today with PropertyPhotos from RealPage. Read the ebook here or call us at 87-REALPAGE for more information.

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