Thursday March 26, 2020

    company culture: looking beyond the ping pong table

    Company Culture is a term that has become a focus of companies around the world in recent years. Many organizations believe that putting a ping pong table in the corner and offering free coffee means that a company has a great culture, however there is more that needs to be considered. Authentic culture is internal and values-driven. With great company culture, incredible results will come organically. Below are some things LeaseLabs has implemented to better our Culture.

    collaboration is key

    There must be an intrinsic element where our employees take pride in working for our company and want to be part of its success. The encouragement of collaboration, feedback, and creating memorable events to give everyone a chance to have fun with co-workers forges a bond beyond the four walls of the office. We involve our employees in developing new culture programs by always asking for feedback.
    Our Voices of Culture forum was created to provide a comfortable space for honest, meaningful discussions surrounding our culture. Our Culture Ambassadors, a diverse group of individuals who advocate for our employees, meet biweekly to share feedback collected and collaborate on new ideas to continually enhance our culture. A great culture is the ability to communicate effectively, even in times of disagreement.
    LeaseLabs Voices Of Culture Ambassadors
    put the human back in human resources

    It’s important that we value each employee as a person. This can mean a myriad of different things, but it really comes down to understanding that everyone on our team is a human, not a robot. Everyone struggles from time to time, and becoming a partner rather than an adversary to assist a teammate through a difficult time is key to being able to show individuals how much we value them. Fantastic company culture starts with leaders who understand the synergy between having an operationally-sound business and the human element that is needed to make that business successful.


    leaselabs cares about people

    Outside of LeaseLabs, our organization is a part of a greater shared community. We foster the same love and appreciation for our local community as we do our company culture. In the past, we have partnered with some of our favorite local charities, like the San Diego Food Bank, Father Joe’s Villages, and Toys for Tots. These events are a beneficial tool for team-building and improving communication across teams. Our commitment to our values leaves a lasting impression on our company, our community, and our world.


    creating a culture of recognition 

    Our employees respond positively to the recognition of their work because it confirms others value their work. At LeaseLabs, we implemented a LeaseLabs LimeLight program that fosters a culture in which we acknowledge excellence. We task the managers to submit a nomination once a month for one employee that has been a leading example of an outstanding employee. One winner is showcased on all of our social media platforms. Employee recognition helps to increase employee retention, increase engagement, and increase productivity. More importantly, it’s authentic. 

    Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 1.52.57 PM

    culture is for the people

    LeaseLabs was founded on the cornerstone of inclusiveness. Regardless of the position you hold, you’re always made to feel welcome and valued. Company culture is how your employees feel about working at your organization.  Even though perks make the workplace a lot more fun, employees are looking for recognition and the ability to add value to an organization.

    Working at LeaseLabs is more than a job – it’s a place to pursue your passion, cultivate professional growth and contribute to a growing company. 

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