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how to build a successful multifamily SEM strategy

Search Engine Marketing(SEM)involvesthe promotion of your apartment communityby increasing visibility in search engine results pages (SERPS) through optimized adsandtargetedadvertising.A strategic SEM plan will allow you to reach customers precisely at the right moment, filter audiences through detailed targeting, beat out the competition’s budget and provide personalized tailored ads through retargeting campaigns.Below we elaborate on how an SEM strategy helpsbuild brand awareness while generating qualified leads for a potential lease. 


a competitive & well-researched advertising budget is crucial 


1. What ismycompetition spending in the area compared tomybudget?

2. What is the averagecost-per-click (CPC)formytargeted locations? 

3. What is the average cost-per-click (CPC) for my selected keywords? 

4. Does the budget allow for a favorable impression share? 

5. If interested in running a competitor campaign, doesmybudget have that much flexibility to do so? 

These are just a few questions to ask when considering how much you should spend on digital advertising. Choosing a competitive budget is essential to get right from the launch of your account. Whether you are only looking to spend a couple of hundred dollars a month or thousands of dollars each month, an SEM campaign allows you to have that flexibility within your budget. Your budget can easily be applied to all campaigns within the ads account or specifically defined to individual campaigns, ensuring you never go over your monthly budget while sticking to your advertising strategy.

know what metrics to monitor  

1. Should I be concerned about overall impressions? 

2. What does search absolute top impression share mean?

3. Based on my metrics, how is my account performing? 

Questions like the ones above are widespread. The Google Ads interface provides a ton of information and data. When evaluating the success of an account, the primary key performance indicators (KPIs) we look at are; average click-through rate (Avg. CTR), average cost-per-click (Avg. CPC), conversion rate (CVR) and cost-per-conversion.

That is not to say other metrics are unnecessary or not useful, but as a lead generating tool, these four metrics provide an in-depth look into how well the account performs. Campaigns with a high CVR and a low cost-per-conversion will be the campaigns that give you the most significant return-on-investment (ROI).




campaign structure is essential 


How you define each campaign, each ad group within that campaign, ads, and keywords must align properly for your ads to achieve a satisfactory optimization score, and maximize the keyword bidding success for your property.

Accounts should be separated in a favorable manner, which ensures they are not too big or too small, search volume-wise. Each campaign should have one designated purpose. For instance, a campaign for each floor plan offering and a location-based campaign focusing on the neighborhood in which your property is located.


streamlined tracking is a must 


Ensure that the following platforms are linked and tracking accurately: 


  • call tracking  
  • linking to Google Analyticsto report on website source traffic 
  • Urchin Tracking Modules (UTMs)on the landing pages to track how people are reaching the website 
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) for conversion tracking, remarketing and dynamic number insertion (DNI) 

monthly audits & periodic account updates are highly encouraged 


An initial go-live audit is necessary to ensure that the ad content & proper account settings are uploaded correctly into Google Ads. It is crucial for conversions to be accurately tracking and that your initial keyword bids are pacing properly with your monthly budget.

After launch, periodic audits (timeframes are dependent on package level) are essential because, depending on how the account performs, the correct optimizations can be made to improve the health of the account.


Ad Example


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