Friday July 7, 2017

    leaselabs client video series: episode 3 | amp residential & marquette managemen

    At LeaseLabs we care about the success of our clients. We become invested in their business goals, brainstorm solutions to their problems, and work to create a connection beyond “client and vendor.” Christina Bledsoe of AMP Residential notes, “Partnering with LeaseLabs is different than partnering with other marketing companies because LeaseLabs truly does care about the results.”


    The foundation of a true LeaseLabs partnership begins with a strong understanding of individual goals, coupled with our dedication of driving innovative multifamily marketing techniques to achieve the best ROI of your marketing budget. By establishing this partnership, our team successfully supports marketing departments small and large. “I love working with LeaseLabs because we are marketing department of two people,” states Jolynn William, Marketing Coordinator at Marquette Management. “Feeling like LeaseLabs really understands our company and our mission is great. It’s a huge piece of mind knowing that we can always rely on them and that they keep us current as far as different marketing and digital trends.” We pride ourselves on being not just a marketing vendor, but a true digital marketing partner that offers a boutique style service to client relations. Our tailored approach and comprehensive strategies give you the competitive edge needed to standout in today’s crowded marketplace.  

    “I was thinking of the vendor relationships that I have and LeaseLabs always comes to mind because of the partnership; and that partnership is about the communication, the consistency, and the people that you work with. Not just signing a contract and getting a service, but signing a contract and having a relationship that you know is going to continue to improve and be a big part of your business from a relational standpoint.”

    – Darlene Egan, Senior Vice President at Marquette Management

    As a reminder, the LeaseLabs Client Success team is devoted to helping each client with any needs along the way.

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