Friday June 2, 2017

    6 creative ways to use facebook live for apartment marketingf

    About a year ago, Facebook Live debuted for all users. Taking a nod from the now-extinct Meerkat app, Facebook and other large social networking sites saw the need to offer users a seamless live streaming experience within their platforms. Since its launch, Facebook Live has been used by many people and brands in all kinds of interesting ways. From makeup tutorials to Chewbacca Mom to election coverage, everyone has hopped on the live video train. It makes sense the Multifamily industry follows suit. Below we outline what you need to know to incorporate live video into your apartment marketing strategy. 

    why should i use facebook live for my apartment community?

    Facebook Live gives you another way to connect with current residents and prospects. This form of video is more casual and allows you to share news as it’s happening. Think of it like a live news broadcast but instead of talking about the weather or a sporting event, you can talk about a last minute leasing special or show behind-the-scenes footage while setting up for a resident event.

    how do I get started with facebook live?

    The only requirements for going live are having a smartphone and content to stream. As long as you have the Facebook app on your phone, you can start a live video by tapping “Live Video” on iOS or “Go Live” on Android. Keep reading for ideas and inspiration for your live videos.

    what should I live-stream on facebook?

    There are so many things you can share when you go live! We’ve compiled a short list of 6 everyday ways to incorporate Facebook Live into your community. 

    1. lunch hour tour

    For prospective residents who can’t make a tour due to schedule constraints, provide a live property tour during the lunch hour.

    2. featured floorplan

    Select a featured floorplan in your community and give a walk-through tour.

    3. community events

    The next time you are prepping for a community event, create buzz prior to the event by live-streaming highlights from the setup process. 

    4. specials

    If you have current leasing specials, waived application fees, or anything of this sort get the word out by going live! This can also be tied into any upcoming holidays such as Memorial Day Weekend Specials.

    Pro Tip: Let viewers know in the beginning of the video to watch until the end for a special coupon code or offer such as a waived application fee. This creates an opportunity for the viewer to feel like an “insider” while providing an incentive to watch the video completely.

    5. local business feature

    If you regularly frequent the local coffee shop or have an existing partnership with any nearby businesses, go live to show residents all the great places near their apartment community.

    6. staff

    Introduce your staff or celebrate staff birthdays via live video.

    what makes a good facebook live video?

    A good live video is planned but not too planned. You should have a general idea of what you want to say and show while keeping it light, fun, and casual. That being said, it doesn’t hurt to practice and make sure the space you want to use for your video is available. Once you know what date and time you want to go live, make sure to let your Facebook followers know. You can share a couple of posts leading up to your live broadcast to get more viewers.

    what happens to my video after i’m done “going live”?

    Facebook Live videos are archived on your Facebook page when they’re over. This makes it easy to share the video again in the future and get more views. To clear up any confusion though, it’s a good practice to comment on the video thanking viewers for watching and to instruct future viewers to comment or send a message if they have any questions about the video.

    Studies show, global internet traffic from videos will make up 80% of all internet traffic by 2019. Going live on Facebook is one of the quickest and easiest ways to capture some of this traffic. You don’t need fancy equipment or a production crew to promote your community, so tell us…what will you live stream?

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