Thursday January 31, 2019

    marketing masterminds: episode 6 peak campus

    The multifamily housing industry is constantly adapting to accommodate changing markets and residents. In no submarket is this more true than the student housing industry. In this latest release from the Marketing Masterminds series, we sat down with Maria Filippone to learn about how she has been navigating this dynamic playing field as the Director of Marketing at Peak Campus.

    Peak Campus is a true industry leader in student housing. In 2017, this midsize business distinguished itself by touting a three-year growth rate of 79% and earning the highest ranking among all operators focusing exclusively on the student housing industry.

    During our interview with Filippone, she explained how Peak Campus’ advanced digital marketing tactics play a significant role in connecting to their future residents. “We spend a lot of time getting to know who our customer is… These individuals need to identify or connect with our brand without ever being able to step foot in our office. So we rely heavily on our digital marketing platform to tell that story.”

    Peak Campus partners with LeaseLabs for their website design and support. Since forming this partnership, they have seen increases in user engagement, leading to an overall improvement in their website performance and a decrease in its bounce rate.

    “Making the move over to the LeaseLabs platform allowed us to really get in front of our customer with the information we wanted them to see right upon landing on our website,” Filippone recalled.

    The LeaseLabs marketing platform provides Peak Campus with variety and offers their clients flexibility. As a small management company with a small corporate marketing team, Peak Campus appreciates the support and committed relationship they have with LeaseLabs. Filippone explained that “having extra support was a really important factor for us” when choosing a partner.

    Filippone and her team at Peak Campus are well aware that the demographics of their student residents are changing, and that they need to change with them. “We’re excited to partner with LeaseLabs so that we can continue to evolve and change our marketing strategy to meet their needs.”

    Watch the full Marketing Masterminds video above! 

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