Wednesday May 27, 2020

leveraging unity to retain residents

At a time when we may feel separated, unity is more important than ever. Unity, the state of being united or joined as a whole, is essential for stability and emotional wellbeing. Unity equates to a sense of belonging, whether it be amongst family, friends, or within an apartment community.

Unity is the most powerful tool at our disposal to retain residents. Therefore, as owners of communities, it’s vital to keep a sense of camaraderie alive through times of ease and hardship. As property owners, there are a number of strategies to utilize that will keep your residents united from the safety of their apartments.

retention through events

Synchronized activities are proven to boost a sense of unity. Studies have shown that participants who tap and march in unison or exchange seasonal cards experience a greater sense of connection to those around them. While in-person events are not viable options at the moment, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate virtually.

To foster a sense of togetherness within your community, get the good times rolling with a social distancing dance party. Dancers from every corner of the globe are swapping out their dancing shoes for slippers in at-home dance parties hosted by virtual DJs.


open up communication

Communication is key for instilling a sense of belonging. We can activate a sense of self-association into a property location by asking questions the right way. Requesting “advice” from residents has a special kind of impact.

The word “advice” carries unifying magic. Studies have found that requesting “advice”, rather than “feedback” or “input”, puts people into a unified state of mind. Whether you’re seeking advice on virtual amenities you can offer or ways to improve your community, find the answers within your community.

Would you rather be part of something that you helped build, or that someone else built for you? Ask for advice to get residents to feel like they are building the community with you so they feel a sense of belonging and purpose within their home. Unity is the most powerful tool at your disposal to retain residents. The more emotional connection residents experience, the more at home they will feel and stay.


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