HG Fenton


Vici Luxury Rentals


San Diego, CA


Branding, Website, Digital Marketing

When H.G. Fenton and the Piazza Famiglia project approached LeaseLabs, construction was just getting underway. The client was seeking a marketing partner that could support its goal to brand and bring-to-market the project’s amazing idea to transform West Date Street into a mixed-use development.

LeaseLabs set out to create a singular brand image representing the unique offerings of Vici. By pairing uplifting and insightful, targeted messaging with striking imagery. 

Dare To Live. You don’t simply live. You dare to live an exciting, impactful life that you’ve created. Now there’s an ultra-luxury residence designed for you - Vici, the most sophisticated luxury living downtown San Diego has ever seen. Nestled in the heart of bustling Little Italy, Vici offers absolutely stunning luxury residences, Piazza della Famiglia a European-style outdoor piazza and unmatched views of the glistening bay. Let Vici serve as your launchpad to daring to live the ultimate dream.  

The voice "Dare to Live" takes on an edgier approach, challenging the target market to enjoy the finer things in life, whether it’s experiencing a boutique bayside living, or indulging in all the luxe amenities offered on-site. Vici is positioned as the “ultimate source to spoil yourself with the life you deserve to live.”

H.G. Fenton, chose a one-color dominant palette with pops and hints of Ferrari Red, an ode to their Little Italy location.

We crafted a print-based branded experience that exudes class, elegance, and a cosmopolitan look-and-feel.

We subtly integrated the prominent red line - deconstructed from the logo -across all deliverables, creating a seamless brand experience throughout all marketing channels.

iPad Screen with Vici Website

Website Features:

Vici’s brand carried seamlessly into digital and was developed as a multi-page, single-load  Scrolling Page Architecture website, allowing for dynamically loading interior pages as a user scrolls down the site. Using the same aesthetic as the established brand, Vici’s website utilizes advanced, digital elements to bring the website to life.

The homepage welcomes users with a full-screen property rendering video that offers a truly immersive experience. The interactive floor-plan browser engages users with the ability to select available units within the floor they’re most interested in utilizing a property rendering and SVG shapes as the floor-level selector. Further, the floor-level navigation does not differ from the signature brand, incorporating the “V” of the logo and creating a heavily branded interactive web element that is equally pleasant and informative.

See Vici Live upright

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