Friday September 22, 2017

    leaselabs client video series: episode 4 MAXX properties

    Late last year, MAXX Properties approached the LeaseLabs team to revamp its current corporate website and portfolio of property websites. The result? A clean, modern design with clear headers, a highly intuitive navigation, and a seamless scrolling experience—on all the property websites.

    Just one month post-launch, positive trends were reported across the MAXX portfolio. Bounce rates dramatically decreased and contact form submissions increased. Now, a year post-launch, we’re still seeing the same positive results, a true testament to, not only the perfect balance of LeaseLabs UX and functionality, but to the Scrolling Page Architecture (SPA) platform, a key feature to our site’s proprietary design.

    MAXX Director of Marketing and Training, Peggy Hale, reported, “LeaseLabs has been our website provider for four years, and this year we had a major relaunch and redesign. The MAXX properties team learned our bounce rate, from both mobile and laptop, went from the double digits to the single digits—down at 2 to 3 percent, which is just amazing. So, the ease of the site has really improved our efficiency, effectiveness, and leases to date.” 

    In order to cater to today’s multi-device consumer, the LeaseLabs team built the MAXX property websites on our SPA platform, as aforementioned. SPA websites retrieve all the necessary code in a single page load and displays your entire website as one, long scrolling page that registers unique page views as website users scroll down the site. The result? Digestible and easily accessible content across every screen size.

    For more information on the MAXX Properties website project, download our case study below.


    about the leaselabs client video series

    We connected with a few of our clients this past year and documented their meetings on recent projects we collaborated on. Each episode we provide an inside look into working with the LeaseLabs team.

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