Thursday May 6, 2021

    why remarketing should be part of your multifamily marketing strategy

    According to “The Marketing Rule of 7” a prospect needs to hear or see a message seven times before purchasing a product or service. With an abundance of options, consumers are pickier than ever. Familiarity creates trust, and when you stand out as a brand that a potential renter already knows, the likelihood of conversion increases.

    Remarketing lets multifamily communities revisit potential prospects. After a user lands on a website, they are added to a list and then targeted with high-quality and optimized adverts. As a friendly blast from the past, these ads remind users of properties they were once interested in, prompting a second, third, or even fourth glance.

    As a highly effective method in marketing, remarketing has an abundance of benefits. We’ve gathered a few that highlight why it’s an integral part of any remarketing strategy:

    lowers marketing spend

    To get the most out of your paid advertisements, it’s important to make sure they are being directed at the most promising users. Remarketing lets you identify people who have already been to your website and are likely in the midst of a decision-making process. This way, you won’t spend unnecessary costs on targeting people who have no interest in seeking an apartment.

    boosts brand awareness

    According to Comscore, remarketing drives a 1046% boost in branded search. Naturally, when a user is exposed to a brand repeatedly, it will become more memorable. Oftentimes, this can occur subconsciously and certain brands, logos, and even color schemes will become more appealing. Familiarity is a huge asset when it comes to marketing.

    Keep in mind, it’s important to not overwhelm users with too much remarketing. When an ad becomes insistent, it can become memorable in a negative way.

    helps marketers customize ads

    Ads that are targeted toward past visitors can be customized to appeal to their browsing history. For example, if a user looked at one-bedroom floor plans on a website, ads can be tailored to showcase these specific models. Retargeting gives marketers the advantage of knowing exactly what a user is interested in.

    increases conversions

    The path to conversion can be long and bumpy. Now more than ever, consumers take their time when making a big purchasing decision. They do extensive research, compare options, and consult with others. During this period, it’s important to stay relevant throughout every stage of the decision-making process. With retargeting, marketers can remain in a prospect’s line of vision while they’re deciding which route to take. When an ad is targeted toward a user who is about to make a final decision, it’s likely to stand out more. It’s even more probable the ad will be considered if the user is already familiar with the brand. Therefore, remarketing is invaluable when implemented at the right time.

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