Wednesday November 6, 2019

    top 3 takeaways from the facebook boost event

    Facebook held a two-day ‘Boost with Facebook’ event in Del Mar, San Diego, on October 28th-29th. They touched on the types of content and advertising that will help small business owners reach their desired audience. 

    top 3 takeaways:
    1. top-performing posts are engaging  

    Show your personality through your posts by being persistent and straightforward. Posts on Facebook and Instagram should engage, educate, and excite. 

    Some key factors in creating engaging posts:

    • Keep updates short and sweet (1-2 lines of text)
    • Post at least 1-2 times per week.
    • Use Carousel ads – optimized for mobile phones that give the viewer more than one opportunity to click.
    2. use video to your advantage 

    Videos on facebook average 4 billion views a day, with 75% of these being done on a mobile device. Creating short, unique, and informative videos can help your brand attract the right kind of attention, spread brand awareness, and improve your organic reach through Facebook. 95% of viewers remember a video ad rather than a blog or text ad, make it fun and memorable! 

    3. cta’s are essential

    Call To Actions (CTA’s) are crucial to a social media strategy on both Facebook and Instagram. They can also be used as an essential tool to track conversion rates. 

    Facebook offers you several CTA options, such as..

    • Learn More
    • Sign Up Now
    • Book Now
    • Shop Now
    • Contact Now
    • Download Now

    Call-to-action buttons can help you drive real business results and encourage people to take a specific action on your business’ site. 

    until next time!

    The Boost with Facebook training is beneficial to people who are getting online for the first time, as well as those seeking to brush up on their social media marketing skills.  Check out the Facebook Boost Website for more resources.

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