focus on big-picture strategy while flex works through the details

As the industry’s only demand-based marketing solution, Flex uses targeted marketing strategies, revenue management data and predictive analytics to mitigate risk and generate new leases when marketing teams need them most.

remove the guesswork from your marketing budget

Budget your spend in the right channels at the right time, while minimizing the burden of active campaign management. Flex uses predictive analytics and revenue management data to intelligently forecast upcoming vacancies at the bedroom-type level and launches GoDirect Marketing campaigns to help prevent them.

empower your decision making with GoDirect + flex

Flex leverages the nation’s largest database of leasing records – along with revenue management data such as market conditions, competitor pricing and inventory – to make highly accurate predictions. This eliminates guesswork that results in spending either more or less than necessary to achieve ideal occupancy levels. GoDirect Marketing with Flex Demand Optimizer combines best-in-industry digital marketing strategies with robust data analytics.

Predictive Analytics Meets Marketing

supercharge all your marketing channels

GoDirect empowers your marketing strategy with digital marketing products that are creatively and digitally engineered to deliver. The addition of Flex acts as an added layer of security for digital marketing campaigns, alerting you when there’s a potential occupancy problem in the future and providing a solution that’s only a few clicks away.

unique to your property and the multifamily industry

Flex Demand Optimizer provides a future-focused strategy to match your property’s unique and ever-changing conditions rather than one-size-fits-all. Intuitive dashboard features put you in control and let you customize settings such as when occupancy alerts are triggered.

GoDirect + Flex

flex is AI-powered budget optimization tailored to the multifamily industry

Flex your brand’s power with optimized predictive analytics and marketing automation.

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