Wednesday December 11, 2019

    marketing masterminds episode 7: garden communities

    In our December release of the Marketing Masterminds video series, we sat down with Garden Communities’ Marketing Director, Jenelle Shapiro, and Marketing Manager,  Carly Haneke. In this episode, we’ll explore their unique approach to distinguish The Garden Communities brand amongst their competitive landscape.
    Garden Communities provides their residents in Southern California and Arizona with branding experiences that are custom-tailored to each property. You’ll find that each property within their portfolio fosters a unique brand, logo variation, color palette, and texture. This property-specific approach ensures that all of their prospects and residents alike have the opportunity to connect with a brand that resonates with them. Garden Communities also prides itself on offering amenities that are not only first class, but also forward-thinking, and unconventional. From state-of-the-art fitness centers and coffee lounges, to arcades, and even bowling alleys, they are constantly exceeding the expectations of their residents and raising the bar for typical on-site resident facilities.

    In partnering with LeaseLabs, Garden Communities was able to pursue their marketing goals with tailored techniques. By utilizing GeoTargeter, their ads were pushed thousands of times a month within a network of 600,000 mobile apps and websites, providing them with the ability to hyper-target their message to prospective residents within a specific geographical location.


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